Online Arabic Courses
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    Online Arabic Courses

     Learn Arabic with us online

     Learn Arabic with the best teachers from Egypt

     Supportive learning environment

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    The Virtual Classroom

     Modern teaching methods

     Taught using the latest technology

     Interactive whiteboard

     Crystal clear audio and webcam

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    Childrens Courses

     Interactive language-learning program for children

     Learn Arabic in a fun and efficient way!

     Best investments for your children's future

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Quality Assurance Unit

You can be fully confident that you will receive the best quality education service available online today.
We have internal quality processes that ensure we are teaching to the highest standard. Our observers in the quality assurance unit are from NAQAAE, (accrediting body for all Egyptian educational institutions including higher education, pre-university, and Al-Azhar education). It is the Middle East’s leading quality education assurance organisation. Vice President of the Federations of quality union in the Islamic world.
Our professional service guarantees that you will get the best quality in learning Arabic online.


5$per hour

5 Lessons / week for 3 months
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3$per hour

3 Lessons / week for 6 months
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4$per hour

3 Lessons / week for 6 months
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Why you should take

Islamic Arabic course

Allah the Most High, has sent down the Great Qur'an as an everlasting miracle to His trustworthy Messenger (May peace and blessings be upon him). He (Allah) challenges all humans and jinns by it (The Qur'an) in a clear Arabic language. He, the Exalted said: "And indeed, your Lord - He is the Exalted in Might, the Merciful. The Trustworthy Spirit (i.e Gabriel) has brought it down. Upon your heart (O Muhammad) - that you may be of the warners - a clear Arabic language." (Surah Shu'araa verses 192-195.) Read more

Modern standard Arabic course

In today's modern world of communication, people have never had it easier. Technology has allowed us to reach out and build relationships in many countries all at the click of a button, we now live in a global village – and that’s creating immense opportunity for those with the right skills. People worldwide need to understand and interact with different cultures in the course of their work and travels. The success of emerging economies and global trade, then, depends on foreign language learning. Read more

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